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What types of pivots do you make?
Our products can be classified into three types-a fixed center pivot, towable center pivot and lateral move system. The difference between them is how they move. For the fixed center pivot, one end of the machine is fixed while the other end moves clockwise by motor driven tires. The towable center pivot has three or four wheels assembled in the center, which lets you tow the pivot point with a tractor across the field. For the lateral move system, all machines work in linear movement by motor driven tires to irrigate a rectangular area.

Unlike center pivot systems, where the area irrigated depends only on the length of the machine, the lateral system area is determined by two factors: system length and travel distance. The towable center pivot can be up to 500m for safe towing, but a fixed center pivot can be longer. The length of the lateral move depends on the water source. A ditch feed machine gets water from a concrete or earth-made ditch. A hose feed machine gets water from underground pipelines. A lateral move system that receives water from a hose has a maximum length of 450m.

What is the maximum length for a towable (mobile) center pivot?
The maximum length of a mobile center pivot is 500m for safe towing. We can make longer center pivots for you but the warranty will be limited and not applied to towing. Fixed center pivots and lateral moves can be up to 800m long.

What is a corner control system for an end gun?
If your field is square and you didn’t choose the lateral move, you may need an end gun to spray whatever area is left unwatered. The corner control system ensures that the end gun sprays under your setting angle instead of spraying all the time, causing unnecessary waste.

Do you have corner systems for your center pivots?
While we don’t yet have corner systems for our center pivots, we are planning to in the near future. This corner system is more expensive and less in demand.

What is the auto stop and reverse system and when can it be used?
There are some conditions where the pivot cannot finish a full rotation, perhaps the terrain isn’t flat or obstacles such as houses are in the way. In these cases, the auto stop and reverse system help. A button installed in the tower of the pivot, when pressed by a connecting rod, automatically reverses the pivot.

Can I use a fertilizer device on more than one machine?
Yes, you can use our chemical injector on more than one machine such as center pivots and lateral move systems. The chemical injector is small and can be easily and safely transferred by one person.

Is it difficult to operate this machine?
No, it is very simple and can be learned within an hour. A control panel allows the machines to function automatically. We are also working on a remote control for the panel, which will come out soon.




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