Center Pivot Irrigation Systems

In a fixed center pivot, one end of the machine is fixed while the other moves spans clockwise by motor driven tires. At the fixed point end, river or bore well water may be used as the water source, transporting water through the main pipes to the sprinklers.


Fixed Pivot Irrigation Systems

The system consists of several interconnected mobile metal towers which rotate in a 360 degree circular path around a stationary central tower.

The point of contact for the towers is a multi-directional joint that allows the tower to be rotated at an angle of up to 30 degrees allowing the system to be perfectly adapted to various rough farmland.

The central pivot irrigation system allows you to irrigate fields of different sizes, starting at 1 hectare per tower, Up to 220 hectares for an irrigation system with a length of fifteen towers to achieve the greatest possible economic benefits.


Our fixed hot dip galvanized steel central tower has a main panel with an automatic shutdown and reverse system, pressure gauge, pivot point light and electrical collector ring.

1691846481566294.jpg 1691846481323489.jpg

1691846482697879.jpg 1691846482330209.jpg

Pivot point specifications

Leg angle size: 100mm×100mm×10mm thickness
Riser: 8"×3mm
Elbow: 8"×3mm thickness

A special design forms a solid anchor for even the longest irrigation systems.


Control panel
Main breaker
Control transformer
Start and stop switch
Main contactor
Monitoring indicators
Forward / reverse contactors rated 600v at 30 amps
Fuses – 30 amps
Lightning arrestor

System monitors
Control power
Last tower movement
Control circuit power
Safety circuit status
Reverse control circuit
Forward control circuit
Pump control circuit
Incoming 380V power

Our main control also supports
No water start stop
Running direction (auto-stop/auto-reverse)
Speed adjusting
Under voltage relay
Over current relay
Emergency stop
Low water pressure shut off