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What kind of pivots does our produce?

Our products can be classified into three categories: fixed center pivot, towable center pivot, and lateral move system.
The main difference between these systems is their mobility.
1. The fixed system has one stationary end of the machine, while the other moves clockwise by ­­motorized wheels.
2. Towable pivots have three or four wheels assembled at the center of the pivot, making it towable by tractor.
3. Lateral move systems work in a linear fashion, driven by motorized wheels. Unlike center pivots, where area is determined by the length of the machine, lateral move systems depend on both system length and distance traveled.

A towable center pivot should be a maximum length of 500m for safe towing, but fixed pivots can be much longer.
Compared with both fixed and towable systems, lateral move systems depend on the source of water. Ditch fed machines recieve water from the built ditch. Hose fed machinery recieves water from underground pipelines with hydrants. For hose fed systems, the maximum length is 450m because connecting one hydrant to another incurs labor costs.

For further details, please visit our specific equipment page!

How much does your equipment cost?
Our pricing depends on the machine you are looking for, along with several other variables. With regards to our center pivots, we have both fixed and towable pivots and lateral move systems. We will need to know your preferred water source (ditch or hose fed), land data and the types of crops that will be irrigated. Given this information, we will also determine the necessary sprinklers for your system.

What are your payment terms?
We accept 30% down by T/T (wire) or 70% by L/C or T/T before shipment.

What is your minimum order quantity?
You may order just one machine, but if you would like to purchase only the parts you will have to place a larger order. Exceptions in spare parts may be made for long-time customers.

If I need a CFR price, what should I do?
All we will need is your destination port and we will provide a CFR quotation by adding the freight cost provided by our freight forwarder COSCO.

Is the diesel generator included in my quote?
Our diesel generator is only included with lateral move systems, otherwise we will quote with electric power. If you would like, we can include the generator in your quote for other systems.

Do you have certificates?
Yes, both our technology development and production capacity comply with American and European standards. Our products meet the ISO 9001:2008 for center pivot production, and all the steel parts are hot dip galvanized, which meet the USA galvanization standards of pivot manufacturers ASTM A 123/123m-02.

What is the warranty on your products?
Warranty covers our center pivot and lateral move systems up to 1 year concerning electrical equipment, and 10 years or 10,000 working hours for gearboxes and gear motors-whichever expires first.
We guaruntee 20 year use concerning our galvanized eqipment against corrosion, and 3 years for our tires and rims.

How long will it take to manufacture and ship a center pivot or lateral move system?
Time spent on each order depends on the quantity and specifications of your order. Some machines we have in stock, but special orders require more time. We can provide you a time estimate once we have adequate information concerning your order.

However, we can say that lateral move systems take a longer time to produce, especially if you require a ditch feed water source. Because they also require a main cart pump, diesel engine, and alternator, time also must be included for our suppliers.

How many containers are required for shipment?
This depends on each specific order. You can find this number at the bottom of the first page of your quote.

Do you provide installation?
Yes, we have a worldwide dealer network consisting of many professionals that can help to quickly install and maintain your system. Please let us know if you will need assistance so we may provide this in your quote.

How much water will my machine need? How long does it take for my center pivot to make one full circle? What is the inlet pressure of my center pivot? What is the distance between sprinklers?
All of these and many more questions can be answered by reading through the second page of your quote in the "Technical data" section.

Do you have corner systems for your center pivots?
No, these systems are very expensive, and are rarely asked for by customers.

Are these machines difficult to operate?
Our machines are very simple, and you will be able to learn their functions within an hour's time. Once you learn to operate the systems control panel, it will function automatically. We are also currently working on a remote control for our systems, which should be released soon.

Do center pivots and lateral move systems work on rolling or mountainous terrain?
Yes, both systems can work on rolling or mountainous land. Lateral move systems only work on up to 5% slopes, but center pivot systems will work on up to 30% slopes.

What is the maximum length for towable center pivots?
The maximum length of a towable center pivot is 500m for safety reasons. We are able to make them longer, but the warranty will be limited and will not apply to towing.
We are able to make both fixed center pivots and lateral move systems up to 800m long.

What are corner control systems for guns?
If your field is rectangular and you are not using a lateral move system, you may need an end gun to water the area that is not covered by the pivot. Corner control systems can control when the end gun is spraying, so that no water is wasted on covered land.

What are the auto stop and reverse systems and when can they be used?
In certain situations, a pivot system will not finish a full rotation due to obstacles in the field such as terrain, poles, houses, etc. Auto stop and reverse systems are used in these cases.

Can I use fertilizer devices on these machines?
Yes, you can use our chemical injector on both the center pivot systems and lateral move system. The chemical injector is small and can be easily transferred.

Can center pivot and lateral move systems work on weaving land?
Yes, they can all be used on weaving land. We include instructions on how to calculate the slope. The lateral move has a maximum slope of 5%, while the center pivot has a maximum slope of 30%. To find out more about slope calculations, check out the pivot slope design page.

Do you provide installation services for your machines?
Yes, we have a worldwide network of professional dealers who can help you install and maintain your new machines in no time at all. There is a charge for this service, if you need, please tell us about the details.

Do you have any guarantees?
Yes, we offer the following guarantees for our pivot/lateral moves:
1 year for electric equipment
10 years or 10000 working hours (whichever expires first) for gearboxes and gear motors
20 years for galvanized equipment against corrosion
3 years for tires and rims

We guarantee our equipment and its service ability against all materials or construction defects.




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