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Can center pivot and lateral move systems work on sloping land?
Yes, they can all be used on sloping or hilly land. We include instructions on how to calculate the slope. The lateral move has a maximum slope of 5%, while the center pivot has a maximum slope of 30%. To find out more about slope calculations, check out the pivot slope design page.

Do you provide installation services for your machines?
Yes, we have a worldwide network of professional dealers who can help you install and maintain your new machines in no time at all. There is a charge for this service, if you need, please tell us about the details.

Where can I find information on how much water the machine will need, how long it will take to finish one circle and how far the sprinkler will reach? The answers to these and questions and more specific information on your machine can be found on the second page in Technical Data on our quotation sheet.

What is a corner control system for an end gun?
If your field is square and you didn’t choose the lateral move, you may need an end gun to spray whatever area is left unwatered. The corner control systemensures that the end gun sprays under your setting angle instead of spraying all the time, causing unnecessary waste.

What is the auto stop and reverse system and when can it be used?
There are some conditions where the pivot cannot finish a full rotation, perhaps the terrain isn’t flat or obstacles such as houses are in the way. In these cases, the auto stop and reverse system help. A button installed in the tower of the pivot, when pressed by a connecting rod, automatically reverses the pivot.

Is it difficult to operate this machine?
No, it is very simple and can be learned within an hour. A control panel allows the machines to function automatically. We are also working on a remote control for the panel, which will come out soon.




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