Lateral Move Irrigation Systems

lateral move system using a hose feed works in a linear movement to irrigate a rectangular area. Unlike center pivot systems, where the area irrigated depends only on the length of the machine, the area irrigated by the lateral system is determined by system length and travel distance.


Pivot Point

A lateral move system using a hose feed works in a linear movement to irrigate a rectangular area. Unlike center pivot systems, where the area irrigated depends only on the length of the machine, the area irrigated by the lateral system is determined by system length and travel distance.

Water is fed to the irrigation system by a flexible hose attached to the machine. The size of the hose is 6’ and 8’. The length can stretch from 1 span to 9 spans.

The lateral move center is the only irrigation machinery which can water all of the land. In square patches of land, each span is parallel with the land so there are no blind angles and the irrigation ratio increases to 99%.


Lateral move center
Leg angle size: L4"×4"
Riser: diameter 8" thickness 1/8"
Elbow: diameter 8" thickness 1/8"
A special design forms a solid anchor for long systems.

Control panel
Main breaker
Control transformer
Start stop switch
Main contactor
Monitoring indicators
Forward / reverse contactors rated 600v at 30 amps
Fuses – 30 amps
Lightning arrestor

System monitors
Control power
Last tower movement
Control circuit power
Safety circuit status
Reverse control circuit
Forward control circuit
Pump control circuit
Incoming 380V - 480V power


Our main control also supports
No water start stop
Running direction (auto-stop/auto-reverse)
Speed adjustment
Under voltage relay
Over current relay
Emergency stop
Low water pressure shut off

2. Diesel Generator
We supply a range of diesel generators from 6 to 20kw for pivots and we can supply small diesel generators. In addition, we are able to supply any spare parts for these generators as well. If you need replacement or spare parts for these generators, please contact us.


Model No.: DG15000SE-3
Prime Power (kw/k VA): 15/19
Standby Power (kw/k VA): 16.5/20.9
Engine Model: 4L22BD-4
Alternator Model: FD1E
Dimensions (mm): 1360×560×885
Weight (kg): 420


3. Spans
Metallic zinc-coated spans are installed on intermittent towers, each with two wheels, an axle drive unit with electric gear motor, and gearboxes on wheels; the electronic block of the system of the equalization and checking.

The truss design is the most important part of pivot irrigation systems. That’s why Rainfine precisely calculates the structural mechanics and test are pivot systems in tough conditions. Our pivot structures are durable enough to withstand 20 years of work without bending or breaking.

Two pipe options
1. Galvanized pipe 8", 6 5/8", 5 9/16"
2. Galvanized pipe with poly lining 8", 6 5/8", 5 9/16" for special water

Galvanizing Kettle
Inside Dimension: 14,000 long ×1,200 wide × 2,000 mm deep
By W. Pilling of Riepe, Germany, the world’s leading kettle manufacturer.
50mm wall thickness, European Special Grade Plate (see analysis below)
Typical Analysis: C, .08%; Mn, .5%; P, .02%; S, .02%; Si, traces only
Zinc Volume of Kettle: 90 tons
Weight of Kettle: 25,150 kgs
Quality standards: BS-729, ASTM-A123

The flexible joint design makes the pivot strong enough and flexible enough to encounter rolling or hilly terrain while in motion. Because the aluminum coupler will break if the spans are not properly aligned, causing water to leak and water pressure to drop, we’ve designed the control panel to switch off the system and stop the machine when the water pressure lowers. Rubber pipe fittings reduce water friction and resistance.

We use a high frequency electric heating system to heat both ends of the steel rods and a head forging machine to form them. When the rod is cut, the steel rod and the headed part have the same molecular makeup. This truss rod can withstand 60,000psi. We use 22mm diameter rods instead of 19mm, making our truss rods stronger than others on the market.

Coupler two options
1. High quality coupler (left)
2. High quality Coupler (right)
Units come preassembled
Universal design
Simple one wrench installation
UV stabilized flexible design

Gear box two options
1. Cummins standard (left):
Material: Grey Iron HT250
Shaft Material: high-strength forged steel
Worm and gear pressure angle is 14 1/2 degree
2. Cummins standard (right):
Material: Ductile Iron HT300
Shaft Material: Steel 45
Worm and gear pressure angle is modified
Significant improvement over standard models
Specially designed for use in warmer climates where the pivot is used over 300 days per year

Tire two options
1. Rubber tire:
11.2×38: Good clearance and flotation
14.9×24: Tubeless tire 4ply, for heavier and longer spans
16.9×24: For longer spans more flotation
2. Plastic tire:
Rim: 10×38 with plastic pads (16 pcs×4kgs each)
Similar size with 14.9×24 rubber tire
Never flat / UV protection
Pad replacement / Non maintenance

Gooseneck: M × M, M × F, M × B, Furrow arm and standard

We use automatic welding to make high quality and uniform span pipes. Using form drill technology developed in Germany gives gooseneck pipes a strong connection to pipe outlets, reducing any damage to the gooseneck when the sprinklers vibrate.

Tower box
Contactor rated 600V at 16 amp min.
Alignment switches rated 277V at 15 amp tested to 10,000,000 cycles.
On-off switch rated 600V at 10 amps.

Cable specification
4# 14 gauge, 6# 18 gauge
4# 12 gauge, 6# 14 gauge
4# 10 gauge, 6# 14gauge
Inner PVC cover 30 mil thick
8 mil aluminum shield
Outer high-density polyethylene cover is 15 mil thick
Sunlight resistant
Moisture and dirt protection

4. Overhang
The high yield strength overhang cable is used in longer overhangs. This design helps farmers to increase their yield with less investment.

Pipe size:
Overhang length:

Cable size
RF38213"O" Φ6×5.893M
RF38211"O" Φ6×19.526M
RF38210"O" Φ9×13.106M
RF38214"OW" Φ6×5.435M
RF101623"U" Φ6×6.858M
RF38209"OU" Φ9×25.133M
RF38215"OU" Φ9×14.376M
RF38212"O" Φ6×26.054M

5. End Gun
Corner control system for end gun
When the pivot moves near corners, the end gun will switch on/off by solenoid valve so it can water more area. This valve is controlled by switches in the pivot center.

6. Sprinkler
The vast differences in crops, soils, farming practices and climatic conditions worldwide, coupled with the availability of water and energy resources, requires a range of center pivot sprinkler performances. Our sprinklers are designed to simplify the variety of choices into one basic and versatile group of center pivot products.

A fixed-spray sprinkler which produces a variety of patterns depending upon specific spray plates;
Flip-over dual spray allows easy conversion of spray patterns;
Choose spray plate options to germinate, irrigate, or chemigate;
Optional hose drag adapter for Low Energy Precision Application - LEPA;
Part circles available.

Gentle spray at low pressure;
Utilize a free-spinning acting to produce a gentle, rain-like water pattern;
Designed for more sensitive crops and soils;
Superior uniformity with better overlap and lower application rates;
Crop-guarded body for low energy;
Part circles available.

A greater spray radius from rotating streams equates to lower average application rates, longer soak times and less runoff;
Increased overlap from adjacent sprinklers improves uniformity;
Reduces wind drift and evaporative loss;
Part circles available.

Outstanding uniformity at low operating pressures;
Unassembled bracket eliminates debris hang-up and water-pattern misting that’s common to conventional sprinklers;
Long service life, reliable operation and durability;
Excellent water application, 10-20 PSI operating pressure;
Wind resistant, maximum water and energy conservation.

Minimized losses to wind drift, evaporation and runoff;
Multiple deflector pad design;
Sturdy design for traveling through tall crops;
Low pressure – 6 to 15psi;
Chemigation pads produce an upward spray under the crop canopy;
Bubbler pad applies water in a gentle, aerated pattern ideal for direct-to-furrow irrigation;

Unique off-center rotary action, outstanding uniformity;
Gentle, rain-like application;
Excellent spray distance;
Low pressure operation from 10 to 20psi saves energy over the course of a year.

Large area of coverage
Ultra low pressure
Easy to clean and easy to change the nozzle
Droplet size needed for type of soil
Uniformity affects
Application intensity
Excellent spray distance

Super Spray
Wide variety of color-coded deflector pads to customize distribution pattern;
Full 360 degree spray pattern;
Low-pressure operation: 6-25psi;
Chemigation pads and hose barb adapter available.

7. Chemical Injector
The chemical injector has a capacity of 85 to 500 LPH and a maximum pressure of 12 bar. Measuring accuracy is +/- 2% with a flow rate of 10%–100%.

8. Multiple Filters
Though pivots only need one filter, multiple filters are good optional parts for when one filter fills too quickly with dirt. A cluster system composed of several filters can often be used for more than one pivot. For more effective drip irrigation, clients can choose segmented filter system.

9. Auto Reverse and Stop System
Due to factors such as the terrain, barns and houses, and other obstacles, the pivot may not be able to work a full circle. An automatic stop and reverse controls the pivot to avoid collision. A barricade on the last tower of the pivot works so that when hit by a sensor arm, the pivot will stop and reverse automatically. This system includes a control box, sensor arm, traverse arm, cable and springs, and collision prevention.

10. Shipment
Each span is packed into one wooden box with a clear packing list and instructions for easy installation. All wooden boxes are durable for safe exporting. A 500m fixed pivot (9 spans) can be loaded into a 1×40’ HC container.

11. Installation
We will send our engineers to supervise installation. Normally one 7-span pivot needs eight people working one week for installation.

12. Spare Parts and Guarantee
We will ship 2% of spare parts together with the equipment in the container, whichever of the spare parts were listed on the contract. Our local representatives or dealers will help farmers replace damaged parts when necessary.

1 year for electric equipment
10 years/10,000 working hours for gearboxes and gear motors, whichever expires first
20 years for galvanized equipment against corrosion
3 years for tires and rims