Main control panel

Main control panel



Pivots use both 120 and 480 volts of alternating current (VAC) to operate. 120 VAC is used as the control circuit, powering the safety circuit, the forward and reverse movement of the pivot, and, more precisely, the movement of the Last Regular Drive Unit (LRDU). The 480 VAC is the power circuit and supplies the needed energy for the drive units to move.

The pivot's control panel operates the main functions of the machine. Depending on which control panel the pivot has, the controls will be different, but the way the pivot operates is the same. When a command is entered into the control panel, an electrical signal is sent down the pivot until it reaches the Last Regular Drive Unit. 480 VAC then travels through a motor lead cable from the tower box to the engine. The LRDU moves, either forward or reverse, as the control panel indicated.