Irrigation Pipe (Hot Dip Galvanized Steel)

Irrigation Pipe
(Hot Dip Galvanized Steel)



The best quality flanges welded on pipe1mm penetration on the section of the welding part.

45°bended hammer impact test without cracking


How to weld it

Properly control the speed of pipe rotation and the electric current of the welding.


Pipe diameters

254 mm (10 inch)

219 mm (8-5/8 inch)

203 mm (8 inch)

168 mm(6-5/8 inch)

141 mm(5-9/16 inch)

Thicker pipe means longer life standard 168 mm (6 5/8 in) pipe is more than 10 percent thicker.


Product Description
Each of our sprinkler parts use hot dip galvanized steel, made in one of China’s leading galvanizing workshops. Our irrigation pipes have a thickness of 3mm, which is higher than the U.S.’s 2.0 - 2.5mm standard of pivot manufacturers according to ASTM A 123/123m-02.

Galvanizing Kettle
Inside Dimension: 14,000mm long×1,200mm wide×2,000mm deep
By W. Pilling of Riepe from Germany, the world’s leading kettle manufacturer.
50mm wall thickness, European Special Grade Plate (see analysis below)
Typical Analysis: C, .08%; Mn, .5%; P, .02%; S, .02%; Si, traces only
Zinc Volume of Kettle: 90 tons
Weight of Kettle: 25,150 kgs

We make each of our span pipes using automatic welding process to ensure consistent high quality and dimensions.